Mini Ninjas
4 Years 6 Months
7 Years 0 Months

Boys & girls enjoy this fast paced, gymnastic-based parkour program. Coaches guide kids through movement challenges using obstacle courses, trampolines and specialized Ninja equipment.

  • For kids under 6 years, 2-3 sessions of Kindergym is recommended prior to taking Mini Ninjas.
  • Class is 1 hour once a week.
Parkour Sampler
6 Years 6 Months
17 Years 11 Months

Participants utilize vaults, tumbling & air tracks, trampolines and military style obstacle courses. Coaches guide kids in developing skills and improving strength, flexibility, agility and endurance.

  • Participants are grouped by age
  • Open to all levels
  • Class is 1 hour 15 minutes once a week for 6 years 6 months  – 9 years 11 months  and;
  • 1 hour 30 minutes once a week  for 10 years – 17 years 11 months
  • Experienced parkour athletes may also want to enroll in TRAC or Freestyle Trampoline
Freestyle Trampoline
9 Years 0 Months
17 Years 11 Months

This is a structured class that combines traditional trampoline, trampo-wall and G-tramp skills. Coaches assist athletes in setting goals and developing individualized training programs. Participants are taught technically correct skills using solid progressions and a ‘safety first’ approach.

  • Class is 1 hour 30 minutes once a week
  • This is not an introductory class, an intermediate - advanced base of trampoline skills is recommended
Private Lessons

Our coaches can design a class for your gymnastic, trampoline, circus or parkour goals. Private lessons can accommodate 1-5 participants. Parents can participate with their kids. Competitive athletes from other sports can use private lessons for cross-training and perfecting skills.

What makes FLIP's Parkour Programs exceptional?

Industry leader:

  • In 2007, Flip was the first gymnastics centre in Calgary to add parkour to it’s programming
  • Jim Sinclair, a founding member of Calgary’s Parkour Community, is Flip’s Program Consultant
  • Flip hosted a stunt intensive in 2015. Instructor was Steve McMichael, stunt coordinator for ‘Lord of the Rings’ movies and stunt double for  Hugh Jackman/ Wolverine.

Facility & equipment:

  • Engineered ceiling grids safely support aerial apparatus
  • Full size, competitive style trampolines
  • Tumble tracks and air tracks
  • Facility is fully padded throughout
  • High falls air bag
  • Lots of Ninja obstacles and equipment