Circus Aerials
6 Years 6 Months
17 Years 11 Months

Flip’s Circus coaches  train  participants on silks, trapeze, aerial hoop and hammock.  This Program is divided into Level 1 and Level 2 classes. Level 1 is for beginner athletes. Participants in Level 2 must be able to do a classic climb to the top of the silks and be comfortable with inversions above the floor.

  • Class is 1 hour 15 minutes once a week for 6 years 6 months – 9 years 11 months  and;
  • 1 hour 30 minutes once a week for 10y and up
Intermediate Circus Aerials
9 Years 0 Months
17 Years 11 Months

Boys and girls who have mastered beginner level skills in Circus Aerials can try out for this program. Coaches  teach participants  more advanced skills on silks, trapeze, aerial hoop and hammock. The class also covers acrobatics, tumbling, strength and flexibility training.

  • Class is 1h 30m once a week
  • This program has prerequisites, contact our office to arrange an evaluation
Advanced Circus Aerials
10 Years 0 Months
60 Years 0 Months

Participants who have excelled in Intermediate Circus Aerials can try out for this program.  In addition to skill development, coaches assist students in creating choreographed routines.  Performance opportunities are provided for athletes.

  • 10 years  – Adults
  • Class is 2 hours once a week
  • This program has prerequisites, contact our office to arrange an evaluation
Mini Circus
4 Years 6 Months
7 Years 0 Months

This is a  gymnastic-based circus program for boys and girls. Coaches teach kids skills on aerial silks, hammocks, trapezes, hoops, bars and  trampolines.   Participants are also taught props such as juggling, plate spinning and hooping.

  • For kids under 6 years, 2-3 sessions of Kindergym is recommended prior to taking Mini Circus.
  • Class is 1 hour once a week.
Cirque du Flip
10 Years 0 Months
60 Years 0 Months

Coaches and athletes create a choreographed circus show with public performances at the end of the session.  Participants need a large base of intermediate to advanced level  circus skills.

  • Boys and girls 10 years to adults
  • Class is 2 hours, once a week.  Additional rehearsals may be scheduled closer to performance dates
  • Fall 2022 Session is September  to  December with performances in early/mid December
  • Winter - Spring 2023 Session is January to June with performances in early/mid June
  • This program has prerequisites, contact our office to arrange an evaluation
  • Enrolment in a skill focused program in addition to Cirque du Flip is encouraged
Adult Drop-in
15 Years + 0 Months

Open Training provides experienced athletes with an opportunity to train on the events of their choice, although instructors are present, participants have the freedom to choose which apparatus they would like to train on and skills which they are comfortable with. Participants should be self directed and have a comfortable working knowledge and mastery of basic skills on the events of choice.

Private Circus Lessons

Our coaches can design a class  for your circus goals. Private lessons can accommodate 1-5 participants and of mixed levels.  Circus disciplines available for private lessons include:

  • Aerial silk, hammock, lyra, trapeze
  • Contortion, flexibility & strength training
  • Handstand canes
  • Trampoline, trampo-wall
  • Chinese Pole

We are currently only offering private lessons on Fridays

What makes FLIP's Circus Programs exceptional?

The Facility:

  • Clean and bright
  • Multiple levels and training spaces
  • Engineered ceiling grids to safely support multiple aerial apparatus
  • A black box theatre space with stage lighting, floor to ceiling curtains and stadium seating for  90 people
  • Huge array of circus equipment: Silks, hammocks, lyras, trapezes, teeterboards, Chinese Poles, Russian Bars, cyr wheels, walking globes, trampolines, trampo-walls

The Flip Culture:

  • All inclusive
  • Non-competitive
  • Supportive

The Staff:

  • Coaches have been trained by professionals from organizations such as: Cirque du Soliel, Cirque Eloize, Le Cirque de la Nuit, National Circus School of Montreal, Circus Lab, Spectacle Blue and Aerial Physique.
  • Madeline Traviss, our in house circus specialist, is a professional circus performer and has developed a comprehensive curriculum for Flip.

The Programs:

  • Can accommodate all abilities.
  • Are creative, technically strong and challenge our participants