5 Years 6 Months
17 Years 11 Months

Our coaches help boys & girls learn skills on vaults, bars, beams, tumbling mats and trampolines. We follow a nationally recognized curriculum. Our classes accommodate beginners through to intermediate levels.

  • Participants are grouped by age and level
  • Class is 1 hour 15 minutes, once a week, for participants 5y 6m - 12y 11m
  • Class is 1 hour 30 minutes, once a week, for participants 13y 0m - 17y 11m
Intermediate & Advanced Gymnastics
8 Years 0 Months
18 Years Months

Athletes who are able to perform walkovers, handsprings and flips are invited to try our Intermediate or Advanced Gymnastics Classes.  Coaches will challenge participants with more advanced skills using vaults, bars, beams, floor exercises and trampolines.

  • Intermediate Gymnastics is for students 8 years – 11 years, 11 months
  • Advanced Gymnastics is for students 10 years – 17 years, 11 months
  • Intermediate Gymnastics is 1 hour 30 minutes  once a week
  • Advanced Gymnastics is 2 hours once a week
  • To ensure participants are enrolled in the correct class, contact our office to arrange an evaluation
Parent & Tot
1 Years 8 Months
4 Years 0 Months

Our Parent & Tot Coaches guide you and your child through age appropriate gymnastic activities. Weekly themes are educational and engaging. Our classes provide your child with a head start on physical literacy.

  • Caregiver must remain with child for entire class
  • Class is 45 minutes once a week
3 Years 9 Months
5 Years 11 Months

Our Kindergym Coaches teach children gymnastic skills and combinations. Kids use beams, bars, vaults, rings and trampolines.  Parents can watch their children gain a foundation in gymnastics.

  • This is a non-parented class
  • Class is 1 hour once a week
Adult Trampoline
14 Years +

Participants are taught beginner through to advanced skills on trampolines, tumble tracks and air tracks. Coaches assist athletes in setting goals and developing individualized training programs. Participants are taught technically correct skills using solid progressions and a ‘safety first’ approach.

  • 14 years and up
  • Classes are 1 hour once a week
Open Training
15 Years + 0 Months

Open Training provides experienced athletes with an opportunity to train on the events of their choice, although instructors are present, participants have the freedom to choose which apparatus they would like to train on and skills which they are comfortable with. Participants should be self directed and have a comfortable working knowledge and mastery of basic skills on the events of choice.

  • For ages 12-15 an adult must be present on site for supervision.
Private Lessons

Our coaches can design a class for your gymnastic, trampoline, circus or parkour goals. Private lessons can accommodate 1-5 participants. Parents can participate with their kids. Competitive athletes from other sports can use private lessons for cross-training and perfecting skills.

  • We are currently only offering private lessons on Fridays

What makes Flip Factory's gymnastic programs exceptional?

The Facility:

  • Clean & bright.
  • A creative layout with multiple levels and training spaces.
  • Trampolines are flush with the floor for safety.
  • Airbag pits instead of foam pits for cleanliness and safety.
  • Full array of gymnastics equipment including 5 trampolines.

The Flip Culture:

  • All inclusive.
  • Non-competitive.
  • Supportive.

The Staff:

  • Knowledgeable, capable and well trained.
  • Founder and owner, Darlene Traviss has 40+ years of experience in the industry.

The Programs:

  • Can accommodate all abilities.
  • Are creative, technically strong and challenge our participants