Boys and girls who have mastered basic - intermediate level skills such as cartwheels on the beam, roundoff and front handspring on floor, pull-overs and back hip circles on bars, can easily climb a rope to the top and can perform a strong, well executed front flips on trampoline, are encouraged to advanced into Intermediate Gym & Jump. This program is also suitable for former pre-competitive gymnasts who want a challenge and want to improve without the pressure of competition or training a large number of hours each week.

Please note this class has prerequisites and requires an evaluation by the Youth, Tween & Teen Program Director.

Winter registration is open now!


Class Schedule

2018 Fall - September 17 - December 22

Days Time Ages Classes Price
Wednesday 4:30pm - 6:00am 7y - 14y11m 13 13 classes $455.25

2019 Winter - January 7 - March 23

Days Time Ages Classes Price
Wednesday 4:30pm - 6:00pm 7y - 14y11m 11 11 classes $385.25