LEADERSHIP (12y0m - 15y11)

Coaching for future coaches! Leadership is open to kids 12 - 15 years old who have their hearts set on becoming a coach. Working with Flip Factory’s most experience coaches, participants will learn how to be a successful coach by developing skills in class management & safety, fostering confidence & independence, and solidifying foundational skills. Upon successful completion of this class participants may be offered an assistant or junior coaching position at Flip Factory. This is a great way for teens to get valuable work experience in a challenging job market without interfering with their school work.

Registration for Fall 2019 opens on May 27 for Spring 2019 members and June 3 for new & returning members.

Class Schedule

2019 Fall September 16 - December 21

Days Time Ages Classes Price
Friday 6:30pm - 8:00pm 12y - 16y11m 14 14 classes $210.00