At current, the Flip Factory is working alongside other members of the local circus community to launch a new Not-For-Profit organization, The Calgary Circus Arts Association. One of the primary objectives of the Calgary Circus Arts Association (CCAA) is to facilitate the creation of a circus education system that has a clear, structured progression track and curriculum tied to it. The goal being that students have the ability to see what options are available to them as they continue to learn and improve well into adulthood. Additionally, if the student should have to move and take classes elsewhere, it allows for a more seamless transition into other circus schools.

As part of the Flip Factory's support of the CCAA, we will be transitioning our advanced and specialized programs over to the CCAA to begin building the new Curriculum. During this transitional phase, beginning in Sept 2020, the classes will still be run by the Flip Factory in the third bay until the CCAA is able to assume full control of the space and programs (approx: Jan 2021). However, also during this time, the classes will structured more in line with what the final system will look like.

Please Note: The new classes will be held in the same building as before, and with many of the same instructors.

We believe this move will ensure that our student base continues to receive the same excellent instruction they have come to expect but also it will allow them to take full advantage of any new programs or services the CCAA will be rolling out in the near future. Additionally, it will create a foundation for growth of the program and involvement from more outside organizations.

Below you will find a brief description on some of the features of the new system.

Disciplines will now be divided into 4 main skill levels

Foundation: At this level students are focusing on learning very generalized skills that are necessary for future disciplines to build upon all while also learning common Circus terms and practices found in the Circus arts. Classes are designed to cover a broad scope of disciplines to allow students to learn what they enjoy most. Also at this level we begin some physical conditioning to prepare students for more focused classes.

Almost all recreational circus/ gymnastics classes qualify as Foundation level classes. Check with a coach to see whether Level 1 or Foundation is where you or your child should start.

Level 1: At this level students are focused on learning and mastering the core skills for their discipline. Consistency of execution is heavily emphasized at this level as all later classes will build directly on the skills that are learnt. Additionally, we introduce more specific body conditioning and cover more discipline exclusive terms and practices.

Level 2: At level 2 advanced skills are beginning to studied that build directly on the skills practiced at Level 1. Students start to explore the techniques learnt in previous levels to understand not only how, but also why those skills build into more advanced techniques. Routine composition and endurance training is covered more extensively at this level.

Level 3: This level is for those who are not only learning the most difficult variations of skills, but also for those beginning to develop their own techniques. Coaches work closely with students and instruction becomes very catered to the students individual pursuits within their discipline. Students at this level will be considered for additional work/performance opportunities.

Class Schedule