This class focuses on more advanced principals of performance theory and design within the circus arts. Students will learn more complex concepts that will allow them to better understand how small changes can have large impacts on artistic performance. Students will also be using their discipline to put learnt concepts to practice in a practical application by designing their own performance. 

Contact our office for more information or to arrange an evaluation.

CCAA Transitional Circus Programs will be running in 4 Mini Sessions:
Fall 1: August 31 - September 26
Fall 2: September 28 - October 24
Fall 3: October 26 - November 21 *no class on November 11
Fall 4: November 23 - December 19

*This program has skill requirements. Please schedule an evaluation or have a coach’s reference to see if Performance Theory and Design is right for you.


Class Schedule

2020 CCAA Transitional Programs - Mini Session

Days Time Ages Classes Price
Friday 6:30pm - 8:30pm 0y - 0y 4 4 classes $194.70