This class focuses on working in a group to create larger collaborative routines. Students will work with the coach to evaluate and combine their respective skills to design routines that take advantage of each participants skill sets. Students will take an active role in the performance design process and will be learning key skills to working in a group.

*This program has skill requirements. Please schedule an evaluation or have a coach’s reference to see if Collaborative Performance is right for you

Contact our office for more information or to arrange an evaluation.

CCAA Transitional Circus Programs will be running in 4 Mini Sessions:
Fall 1: August 31 - September 26
Fall 2: September 28 - October 24
Fall 3: October 26 - November 21 *no class on November 11
Fall 4: November 23 - December 19


Class Schedule

2020 CCAA Transitional Programs - Mini Session

Days Time Ages Classes Price
Friday 5:00pm - 7:00pm 0y - 0y 4 4 classes $194.70