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Preschool Programs

Introductory circus programs for preschoolers. Participants will use aerials hoop, silks, trapeze, acrobatics, trampoline, and other circus apparatus.

Mini Circus (4y0m - 7y0m)


Youth & Teen Programs:

Circus skills and routines are developed using aerial hoop, silks, trapeze, acrobatics, trampoline, and other circus events. Open level, intermediate, and advanced programs are available. Circus programs include performance opportunities. 

Circus Foundations (5y6m - 8y11m)

Circus Foundations (9y0m - 11y11m)

Circus Foundations (13y0m - 17y11m)

Aerials & Acrobatics (5y6m - 8y11m)

Aerials & Acrobatics (9y0m - 14y11m)

Contortion (9 years & up)

Intermediate ATA (9y0m - 14y11m)

Advanced ATA (9y0m - 17y11m)

Advanced TRAC (9y0m - 17y11m)


Homeschool Programs:

Daytime classes specifically designed for homeschool groups make it easy to add fun fitness to your education plan.

Homeschool Sampler (4y0m - 5y11m)

Homeschool Sampler (6y0m - 8y11m)

Homeschool Sampler (9y0m - 15y11m)


Teen & Adult Programs:

Circus programs for teens & adults 15 years & up. Open level, drop in, structured, fitness based, and performance based programs are available. 

Circus Aerials (15 years & up)

Trampoline (15 years & up)

Open Training (15 years & up)