believe the STRENGTH of our organization comes from the PEOPLE who choose to work, train and play at Flip.  Our diverse backgrounds lay the foundation for a unique approach to fitness that is educational, creative and fun!

Darlene Traviss  Darlene Traviss, Founder & CEO

Darlene has been actively involved in gymnastics since 1974 in various capacities:  Participant, coach, judge, course conductor, administrator, gymnastic specialist in schools and club owner (Alberta Schools Gymnastic Association 1990-2000, Mountain Shadows 1996-2001).  Her book, 'Backyard Trampolining' (1990/1994/2011), has sold over 30,000 copies world-wide and was recently republished in 5 additional languages.  Darlene competed for the University of British Columbia in springboard diving before moving to Calgary in 1987 to train and compete with Dive Calgary.  In 1992 she competed in freestyle skiing (aerials) with the Alberta Team.  She is currently a course conductor with Gymnastics Canada teaching the 'Active Start' program. Darlene is mom to Madeline, is an avid gardener, enjoys skiing and other outdoor pursuits with her family.

Melanie Gaze  Melanie, Coach

A former provincial level artistic gymnastics competitor, Melanie began coaching in high school in Saskatchewan. Before moving to Alberta, she served as the Recreation Director of the Marion Gymnastics Club in Saskatoon.  Melanie is Level 2 Certified in Women's Artistic Gymnastics and Level 1 Certified in Trampoline. She also holds a diploma in Recreation and Leisure.  Melanie's first introduction to Flip Factory was with her son in the Parent & Tot program in 2008.  She joined the coaching team in 2011 when the club moved into it's current location. Melanie is a talented and diversified coach able to teach preschoolers through to teens.  Melanie is mom to three young children and she also teaches birthing classes. Melanie makes sure to get outdoors  whenever she can to ski, camp, and hike with her family.

Rianne Rogan  Rianne, Coach

Rianne is a former competitive artistic gymnast who has coached artistic gymnastics and trampoline. The last 7 years she has coached beginner to international competitive acrobatic gymnastics. She is level 2 certified in trampoline and women's gymnastics, level 1 certified in acrobatic gymnastics, and holds a degree in Kinesiology. Outside of Flip Factory Rianne works as an exercise physiologist with people who have physical disabilities. Aside from coaching, Rianne enjoys mountain and road biking, traveling, and baking! 

Madeline4  Madeline, Coach

Madeline has grown up in the gymnastics world and has been involved with Flip Factory since she was 11 years old. Following in her mom’s active footsteps, Madeline is currently a preschool coach, first degree black belt in Poekoelan, an Indonesian form of mixed martial arts, and aspiring business woman hoping to one day own her own martial arts studio. She also has a background in gymnastics, trampoline, contortion, dance, and hopes to begin soon on working towards her gymnastics coaching certificates.

Jessica McKnight  Jessica, Office Manager

Jessica joined Flip Factory on the administration team in May 2015, bringing her skills in administration, design, and trapeze. Jessica studied at Alberta College of Art and Design, and took several years of trapeze training for fun. She enjoys her time off by camping, traveling, and baking!

Lauren Bourgeois   Lauren, Birthday Coach

Lauren is a junior coach and an acrobatic gymnast who has competed at an international level, and is currently working in our Booking department! Lauren trains in aerial hoop and hand balancing, but also enjoys painting. Lauren has recently completed her CPR training and will start working on her foundations training as soon as she can!

Mackenzie  MacKenzie, Coach

Coach Mackenzie joined the Flip Preschool team in September 2015. Mackenzie has also trained at Flip Factory for circus aerials and as a participant of Under the Big Top Circus Camp! She is currently still pursuing her training in aerial hoop, contortion, and acro and hopes to progress her future in circus arts. Mackenzie enjoys the fun and excitement of Flip and helping the kids to develop their gymnastics skills.

James  James, Coach

James was born and raised in Calgary and has been gymnast training for 13 years and parkour/free-running training for 3 years! After training at Flip Factory for a few years, James joined the Flip team in May 2017. He enjoys working with kids and helping them meet their goals. Outside of work, he spends a lot of his time hanging out with friends. He is also one of the fastest Rubik’s Cube solvers in Canada and part of the World Cube Association!


 Sara  Sara, Assistant Coach

Assistant Coach Sara has been training in gymnastics since she was two years old.  Her circus training at Flip Factory started a couple years before joining the team in September of 2017. Currently, she continues to train while assisting in classes such as Circus Sampler and Kindergym. Sara is very passionate about circus, but also enjoys other forms of performance and fine arts.  Her favourite hobbies include theatre, special effects makeup, painting and reading.  Her favourite part about working at Flip is being part of a big amazing family with specialized talents.  Her goals are to continue studying at school and training in circus until she can eventually pursue a future in medicine.


Taylor2  Taylor, Coach

Taylor is an assistant coach who joined the team in January 2018 but has been participating in Flip Factory classes since 2011.  Taylor enjoys practicing a variety of circus arts including aerial silks, props, and juggling. She keeps active outside of classes by playing soccer, hiking, and enjoying general outdoor fun.  Her favourite part about being part of the team is working with kids and seeing them grow as athletes.  Eventually, Taylor would like to move up to being a coach, but in the meantime is continuing to develop her coaching and circus skills.

Hannah  Hannah, Coach

 Hannah has been with Flip Factory since the summer of 2018. She loves working with kids who are as excited about gymnastics as she is. Hannah has trained in gymnastics to gold badge status and is also part of the Calgary Gymnestrada Team performance team, which placed in the top 3, qualifying them to represent Canada at the World Championship 2019 in Austria!  She is excited to learn more about circus and parkour at Flip Factory. During her time off Hannah enjoys playing with her dogs and shopping. In the future, Hannah wants to pursue a career in education.


Ariel  Ariel, Coach

Ariel began her career at Flip Factory in 2015 as a student and joined in the fall of 2018 as an assistant coach. Ariel is very active and is always participating in some kind of sport. She has trained in martial arts, tennis, ballet, modern dance, ballroom dance, gymnastics, hip hop, unicycle, and circus! Now, Ariel focuses on aerial hoop & silks. You’ve probably even seen her in a few Cirque du Flip performances!  Ariel was born in Calgary but has also spent some time living abroad in Honduras. She hopes to be able to perform more in the future and continue developing her coaching skills.


Zuzanna2  Zuzanna, Assistant Coach

Zuzanna first came to Flip Factory as a student in 2017 where she immediately fell in love with circus. In 2018 she joined our team as an assistant coach. While Zuzanna has no formal training in gymnastics she has completed many session of circus programs at Flip Factory from Circus Sampler to Advanced ATA, and still trains in circus aerials and trampoline every chance she gets! Zuzanna enjoys the upbeat and encouraging environment that Flip Factory offers, and the ability to learn from our coaches while she passes on her skills.  


Julia  Julia, Coach

Julia has been a regular participant in many Flip Factory classes, and finally joined the coaching team in February of 2018.  She coaches Preschool and Youth classes, and helps facilitate Birthday Parties and camps! Her main skill focus is on aerial silks and trampoline, but she is well-versed in other gymnastic and circus activities.  Her other hobbies include dance, and volleyball, and has trained in tennis and karate as well.  Her favourite part about working at Flip Factory is the upbeat employee dynamic and the ability to continue her learning and skill development while passing on her current knowledge to others. Her future goals include pursuing an undergrad that it biomedical-related and eventually becoming a surgeon.

Amy, Coach

Amy originally joined Flip Factory in the Fall of 2018 as a receptionist but now coaches Youth & Preschool programs. Amy fell in love with gymnastics when she was seven years old and trained for seven years to get the Gold badge status in Artistic gymnastics. After getting her gold, she wanted to coach kids and share her love of gymnastics with them. She is certified in Level 2 Artistic gymnastics and Level 2 trained in Trampoline. Amy continues to practice her gymnastics skills and training in Trampoline at Flip Factory. She really enjoyed how friendly and positive everyone is at the Flip Factory. Amy also enjoys baking, drawing, and spring board diving.


Claire  Claire, Coach

 Claire started her training as a Flip Factory student when she was just three years old. She has been a Flip ever since including performing in four different Flip Factory Gymfests and multiple Cirque du Flip shows. Claire spent many years training in gymnastics, but found her calling with circus. She now focusses her training on trampowall, trampoline, acro, and teeterboard. Claire loves coaching and being able to see her students progress and celebrate their accomplishments. In her free time she loves to bake, read, and look at stars through a telescope.

Kevin  Kevin, Artistic Director & Coach

Olivia  Olivia, Assistant Coach