Installment Plans

Flip Factory offers the option of paying for your sessional program in monthly installments. Monthly payment plans are based on a session commitment. To set up a payment plan a Visa or Mastercard will be added to your account and automatically processed on pre-set dates. The first payment is due upon registration with an equal payment due for each month of the program. A specific payment schedule will be provided for each session. To request an alternate payment schedule please contact our office. A space cannot be held in a program without payment.

Payment plans must be scheduled in advance with a credit card on file or postdated cheques. Cash and debit may be used to make the first payment of a payment plan, but only if a credit card is provided to schedule future payments as well.

Scheduled installments are processed automatically through our registration software.  If an automatically scheduled payment fails because of an expired card, cancelled card, insufficient funds, or any other reason you will receive an email alerting you of this failure. In the event of a payment failure you are responsible to contact our office and provide a payment within 2 business days. Outstanding payments not cleared within 2 business days will be subject to a $25.00 fee.

You can clear a failed payment with a Visa or Mastercard on your Amilia account at any time. Payments can also be processed over the phone with Visa or Mastercard or in person with cash, cheque, or debit.

To update your card on file please call our office for assistance.

Registrations made with installments may be cancelled within the first three classes of the session. To complete a cancellation or class change request Flip Factory requires a notice in writing. Credit will be issued according to the date the written notice is received less any classes that have passed. Cancellations and class changes are subject to a $25 administrative fee. If you have monthly installments set up and wish to cancel your class you will receive a credit on your Flip Factory Account for the unused classes that you have paid for less a $25.00 administration fee from the date written notice is received. Postdated payments will not be processed if withdrawn within three weeks of the start of the session. Read our full Cancellation Policy for more information.

Coupons and promotions may not be available on registrations set up on a monthly installment plan. For more information on ongoing promotions please visit our Coupons & Promotions page.

Installment plans are available only for Winter, Spring, and Fall session. Birthdays, camps, drop in, bookings, or other events are not eligible for installments. Installment Plans, options, and policies are subject to change without notice.