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Thank you for booking your party with Flip Factory!  To ensure your party runs smoothly, please review following information:


Our Location

Flip Factory Parties enter through the Flip Factory door:  Bay 1, 4500 - 5th St NE 

Flip Factory faces onto Edmonton Trail north of RONA and on the east side of Nose Creek inside the Greenview Industrial Park. We are accessible via the 32nd Ave Connector to 6th St NE, then 42 Ave NE. Get directions.

Flip Factory will call to confirm your party details the week before the event. Please be aware that our office may not be open during your party. Our office is closed on Saturday evenings, all day Saturday in July & August, and every Sunday through the year. If you have any questions prior to your party please be sure to call or email during office hours. Calls and emails will not be answered when the office is closed. You can see our current office hours here.



We have one reserved spot for each party's host close to the door. You will find a sign with the birthday child’s name on your reserved spot.  If you need to pull up to the door to unload your food and decorations, please do so then park in a designated Flip Factory stall. We have parking in front of our building, at the back of the building and unlimited parking on the west side of 5th Street in front of Flip Factory. All parking is free and unrestricted. We ask that you and your guests to please park in Flip Factory stalls, and not the stalls belonging to our neighbors.


Waiver Forms

Very Important! Please ensure that each of your guests receives and signs a participant waiver form. The waiver forms can be downloaded here. A parent or legal guardian must sign a form on behalf of their child. Have guests bring their signed forms on the day of the party. If a waiver form is forgotten - don’t worry, you will find a master waiver form beside your party room door that can also be used. Any parents entering the gym need to sign the master waiver form on the day of the party. Download Party Invitation Waiver



Remind your guests to wear appropriate clothing. Shorts, sweat pants, leggings, t-shirts, sweat shirts, gymnastic suits, or other comfortable clothes that you can move in are best. Avoid skirts, dresses, and restricting costumes. No jeans, jewelry, zippers, belts, buckles, or other sharp decorations as they may damage the equipment. Please be aware that your guests may not be allowed on all the equipment if dressed inappropriately.  Barefoot is safest so avoid wearing socks or leotards the cover the feet. Long hair must be tied back. Flip Factory is exceptionally clean! We have a 'no shoes past the front entrance' policy for participants and spectators. Anyone leaving the entrance area mats must remove their shoes.


Party Format

20 minutes prior to your party’s start time the host family is welcome to arrive and begin set up in their party room. Guests should arrive close to party time. Guests who arrive early will be directed to wait in your party room.

Your party will start with 1 hour and 15 minutes in the gym with a Flip Factory coach leading the activities.  We start the party with pit games to burn off some energy and ensure that all guests have arrived (3-5 minutes), a short head to toe stretch (3-5 minutes) followed by a safety orientation (8-10 minutes). It is important that any parents wanting to have fun with the kids are present for this safety orientation. Flip Factory parties are designed for maximum fun, minimal risk and lots of activity!  The gym is set up as a giant obstacle course with colorful arrows to keep everyone moving and safe. We utilize trampolines, tumble track, gymnastics mats, beams, bars, a climbing wall, a giant foam pit and lots of other fun gym equipment.  The balance of the party is spent with participants having fun in a semi-structured environment. If your party includes Reverse Bungee, participants also receive a turn on the reverse bungee if they are old enough (3 or 4 years minimum, able to jump off 2 feet and mature enough to hold onto the cords while jumping).


The last 45 minutes will be spent in a private party room for cake, gifts, and celebration! A fridge, freezer, and microwave are available for your use. You are welcome to bring in your own food or have it delivered. Decorations such as banners, balloons, table cloths, and birthday candles are welcome. We ask that you do not bring in any sparklers, confetti, or piñatas. At the end of your party time guests should be sent on their way. The host family is welcome to stay an additional 20 minutes to pack up and clean up their space.  



You may bring your own food or have food delivered to the gym. There is a fridge, freezer, and microwave available for your use! If you choose to have food delivered these are Flip's Top Picks:

Bow Tie Pizza -  4817B Centre St NW - 403.299.0000

Delivery for early Sunday birthday parties if you phone a day ahead to order.

4th Street Pizza - 2105 Edmonton Trail NE - 403.262.7444

Delivery starts at 2 PM. If you phone a day ahead you may be able to pick up your order or have it delivered prior to 2 PM. Open 7 days a week.

Cedar’s Deli - 3103 Edmonton Trail NE - 403.233.2771

Phone a day ahead to place your order for pick-up. Monday - Saturday 10:00 AM - 7:00 PM; closed on Sundays.

Pizza 73 - 503 McKnight Blvd. NE - 403.273.7373

Delivery starts at 11:00 AM.

Subway - 4002 Edmonton Trail NE - 403.266.1166

Be sure to phone a day or two ahead to place your order. This Subway is 1/2 a block south of the RONA on the opposite side of Edmonton Trail. Pick-up only.



You are responsible for basic clean-up of your party room once your group is finished. We provide clean-up essentials: broom/mop, cleaner solution, paper towels, recycling and garbage bins.  Flip staff will look after taking your garbage out.

 20 minutes has been allotted for clean-up after your party is finished and guests have departed.

 Please be considerate of the staff and other groups using the facility by leaving the room in the same condition it was in when you arrived.



Can parents join in on the fun?

YES! This makes the party even more fun! Parents are required to follow the same guidelines as the children and be present for the safety orientation. Parents must wear appropriate clothing and leave valuables in a safe place - we do not want cell phones and wallets lost or broken! Parents must sign the master waiver form before entering the gym. 


Is it mandatory for parents to be at the party?

Parent Participation is required at the following ratios.

Ages 3 and younger: 1 parent per 1 child

Ages 4 and 5: 1 parent per 3 children

Ages 6 and older: no parents required, but are still welcome to join in!


What if a guest forgets their waiver form?

You will find a master waiver form outside your party room door on a bulletin board. Please have the parent/legal guardian sign this.  Please ensure that all guests' names are on the master waiver - no need to fill out all info if guests bring their invitation waiver - just a name. This waiver is used for the reverse bungee so it is important that all names are on the list so no one misses their turn! Please give the master waiver to a Flip staff member as soon as all names have been recorded.

How early can the host family arrive?

20 minutes before the party. No need to go overboard on decorating the party room, the kids will remember the activities in the gym more than anything else. Please ask your guests to arrive close to the party start time and have them wait in the party room until they are called into the gym.


What should I bring?

-       Food and drinks - juice boxes recommended (less chance of spillage)

-       Plates, napkins, cutlery, cups, cake, candles, matches, cutting knife, decorations, tape, and anything else you might need in the party room.

-       Water bottles for when kids are in the gym


What should I avoid?

Piñatas, sparklers, nut products, confetti.


Can I change my guest count after I have booked?

You can change your guest count at any point before the party. If you need to increase your guest count from 15 to 20 participants after you have booked please call our office. If you have booked for 20 participants and wish to decrease your guest count the difference can be applied to your account as a credit*. Please be aware that Flip Factory does not offer refunds. See our full cancellation policy for more information.

What if I have to cancel or reschedule?

To cancel or reschedule your booking Flip Factory requires 14 or more days’ of notice in writing sent to info@flip-factory.com. Bookings can be rescheduled to an alternate date or time (subject to availability). There is a $25 administration fee to reschedule a booking. If an alternate time does not work for you or you wish to cancel your party, a credit* will be placed on your Flip Factory Account less a $25 administration fee. With 13 or fewer days’ notice in writing cancelling or rescheduling a party 50% of the amount paid will be placed as a credit* on your Flip Factory account and 50% will be retained by Flip Factory.


*Credit: When a party, booking, or class is cancelled a credit for the unused portion, less administration fees, will be placed on your Flip Factory Account. This credit can be used toward a future class, booking, party, drop in, or anything else that Flip Factory offers. Credit is transferable between family members. Please note that Flip Factory does not provide refunds for cancelled bookings or withdrawing from a class. Credits will not be issued without receiving a notice in writing of the change to your class or booking. Requests to cancel, reschedule, or withdraw cannot be completed verbally, on the phone or in person. Credits will be issued from the day we receive the notice in writing and are subject to the terms laid out in each program’s cancellation policy. To request a change to your class or booking including rescheduling a time or date, withdrawing from a program, or cancelling a booking please send a written request to info@flip-factory.com


Thank you for choosing Flip Factory for your party!

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